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Who Is Liable in a Helicopter Accident?
Who Is Liable in a Helicopter Accident?

Alaska has beautiful geography to explore. Whether it’s glaciers, rivers, or the North Pacific Ocean, breath-taking views are abundant. This is why helicopter tours around the Last Frontier are so popular. Helicopters can hover above ancient glaciers and navigate through ...

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    • How to Take Photos of a Car Crash

      There are many steps one should take in the aftermath of a car accident and photographing the scene is one of the most important. Of course, the ...

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    • Distracted Driving Car Accidents Not Involving Cell Phone Use

      The term “distracted driving” is almost always linked to texting and driving or other cell phone use. However, there is an array of behaviors which ...

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    • Why Are Truck Accidents So Complicated?

      Tractor trailers and semi-trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles out on the roads, routinely killing around 4,000 people in accidents each ...

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    • Safety of Boeing 737 MAX Called Into Question Following Crashes, Defective Parts

      Flying is a safe and convenient means of transportation which is statistically significantly less risky than others, such as driving. According to an ...

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    • Commercial Airliner Accidents: Who is Liable?

      While commercial aviation accidents are not common, they can be devastating. Even minor incidences can still result in catastrophic injuries . After ...

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    • A Catastrophic Injury Changes Your Life

      There is no specific amount of damage that must occur, or a minimum percentage of the body affected, for an injury to be deemed catastrophic. Yet its ...

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    • What Is Considered a "Catastrophic" Injury?

      An injury of any severity can greatly disrupt your life, cost you considerable amounts of time and money, and cause significant pain and stress. So ...

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    • My Child Was Attacked by a Dog-Now What?

      Dog attacks are one of the top reasons for children’s emergency room visits. Many dog bite injuries affect children’s faces, heads, and necks, and can ...

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    • What Should I Do After a Maritime Accident Injury?

      Maritime accident cases often come with complications that differ from traditional personal injury claims . This is because injuries at sea don’t ...

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    • Common Causes of Maritime Accidents in Alaska

      We are all familiar with the dangers car, truck, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents pose and the complex nature of the insurance claims, negotiations, ...

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    • Common Causes of Maritime Accidents

      Conditions on the water can change quickly, and calm water can quickly become rough. Whether you were on the water for work, travel, or recreation, a ...

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    • Who Qualifies As a Seaman?

      For generations, Alaska has been one of the busiest areas for commercial fishing and oil collection at sea. Many men and women have worked for ...

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    • 5 Common Types of Birth Injuries

      People might think that birth defects and birth injuries are synonymous when they’re really two very different things. A birth defect is a structural ...

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    • The Role of a Medical Expert

      To succeed in a medical malpractice lawsuit, you must prove three elements: (1) a doctor-patient relationship existed between you and your health care ...

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    • What Are the 4 Ds of Medical Malpractice?

      A medical malpractice lawsuit is complex and can be difficult to prove. Alaska also puts a cap on medical malpractice lawsuits and requires certain ...

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    • National Safety Month & You: Tips to Prevent Accidents

      June is National Safety Month, and The Law Offices of David Henderson are teaming up with the National Safety Council and hundreds of other ...

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    • 10 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & What to Do About Them

      Nursing home abuse is a rising concern in the healthcare industry. Nursing home staff have a responsibility to provide safe and effective care to ...

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    • Product Liability: What Makes a Toy Defective?

      Very few parents would anticipate it, and yet many children go straight from the playpen to the ER. Defective toys are often to blame, and product ...

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    • How to Report a Doctor for Medical Malpractice

      Everybody makes mistakes—even doctors. However, when a doctor or other health care provider commits an error so egregious that leads to a patient ...

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    • 7 Tips for Your First Call with an Insurance Adjuster

      The aftermath of an accident can be chaotic, especially if you sustained any injuries as a result. During this hectic period, it is vital you keep a ...

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    • 3 Steps to Take If Your Insurance Claim Has Been Denied

      Dealing with denied insurance claims is extremely frustrating. The sad reality is that insurance companies care more about protecting their bottom ...

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    • Safety Tips for Off-Road Driving and ATV Riding in Alaska

      The wilderness of Alaska presents many opportunities for scenic off-roading and trail driving. As fun as this activity is, off-roading can also be ...

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    • Avoiding Burns: Summer Safety Tips

      As summer is rapidly approaching, it’s time to break out the barbeque or camping gear and start planning your summer fun! Whether it’s a bonfire on ...

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