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Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia Errors Attorney In Alaska

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Every year in the United States, millions of surgeries happen that require anesthesia in order to sedate the patient and prevent them from feeling any pain during the procedure. However, when complications occur, it can result in serious injury and even death.

At the Law Offices of David Henderson, I am dedicated to helping my clients recover the compensation necessary to recover from their injuries. With 20+ years of legal experience, I possess the extensive knowledge of the Alaskan legal system and how the courts operate in order to successfully navigate any complications your case may encounter.

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Types of Errors

Anesthesia refers to a temporary, medically induced state which causes the inability to feel pain and consciously respond. Doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other medical staff have a responsibility to make sure their patients do not suffer any further harm while under their care. However, mistakes continue to persist, mainly due to negligence or lack of training and experience.

doctors gathered around a patient who is under anesthesia

The following are common types of anesthesia errors:

  • Administering too much of one or more anesthetic drugs
  • Administering too little of one or more anesthetic drugs
  • Administering an incorrect anesthesia drug
  • Delayed delivery of anesthesia
  • Failure to adequately instruct patients prior to anesthesia
  • Failure to properly monitor patients while under anesthesia
  • Failure to conduct a thorough review of patients’ medical history
  • Use of defective medical equipment and devices used to administer anesthesia

What is Anesthesia Awareness?

Anesthesia awareness refers to the rare but frightening phenomenon where a patient becomes conscious during their surgery. This occurrence has been found to cause psychological and emotional trauma both immediately following the surgery and even long-term.

One of the causes of anesthesia awareness can be improper administration of the anesthetic, as well as improper monitoring during surgery. An anesthesia awareness lawsuit can be difficult to prove given the lack of physical damage. However, if you believe you have suffered physical injury as a result of your anesthesia administration, you may have a claim.

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When you are undergoing surgery, the last thing on your mind is suffering further injury. As a knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney, we can conduct a comprehensive investigation and gather the evidence needed to develop a solid strategy to get the justice you deserve. With millions of dollars recovered on behalf of my Anchorage clients, do not hesitate to contact my firm in order to get started on your anesthesia malpractice case.

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