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At the Law Offices of David Henderson, I work to provide you with options during a defective product case. I am a product liability attorney in Anchorage with over 20 years of experience handling these cases, among many other personal injury claims! A defective product puts you at risk of injury and can be grouped into three categories.

Types of Product Liability Claims

  • Design Defect - A design defect describes a situation in which the product was poorly made from the very beginning. In his claim, one works to prove this poor design is inherent to the product, which could never be designed in a way that harm is not likely. I seek to demonstrate that the flaw was the direct cause of your injury.

  • Manufacturing Defect - Small flaws show up periodically in products and are often not a big deal. However, if a product liability lawyer in Anchorage can prove that a specific flaw in the manufacturing process caused a client harm, then the company will be liable. Again, the attorney must prove that the injury was directly caused by the manufacturing defect.

  • Failure to Provide Adequate Warnings or Instructions - If a company fails to show the possible harm involved in using the product, it may be liable for this category of claims, also known as marketing defect. One seeks to prove that a warning label is necessary because of the nature of that particular product.

Product Liability FAQ:

Q. How do you prove a product is defective? In order to win a defective product lawsuit, you will need to prove the following: That you were injured or suffered a loss, that the product you were using is defective, that this defect directly resulted in your injury, and that you were using the product as it was intended to be used.

Q. Who is held responsible if a defective product causes injury? Product liability claims are unique in that there are multiple parties that could be held responsible for the incident. For example, depending on what defect or error led to the injury, the following parties could be held responsible: The product manufacturer, the retail store, or the wholesale store or distributor. Contact me today to walk through the details of your case and determine who should be held responsible for your injuries!

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