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Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • Why You Need to Call a Doctor After Your Accident

    If someone else caused your accident, there’s only one person you need to call—and it’s not an Anchorage personal lawyer. It’s your doctor. “Obviously,” you’re saying to your computer screen. “I was injured, so I went to the ER.” We don’t just mean treatment for immediate injuries, though. Our firm recommends that you set up appointments with every specialist you need to get healthy again . Have ...
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  • How Do I Deal with the Other Party’s Insurance Company?

    Injured people have a lot to consider. Their own health comes first, obviously, but they also have to consider contacting their own insurance company to file a claim, juggling appointments between different doctors, and continuing with daily life as best as they can. In the middle of all this, those who have been injured by another’s negligence have something else to consider—defending themselves ...
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  • 4 Tips for Taking Pictures after a Car Accident

    When it comes to auto accident cases, having the right amount of evidence can determine whether or not a person wins or losses. Photographs are considered one of the most crucial pieces of evidence since they document the scene of the accident right after it occurred. Having photographic evidence which paints a clear picture of the incident, including the injuries involved, can ensure the recovery ...
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  • Alaska Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

    If you are considering filing a personal injury claim in Alaska, it is imperative to know the state laws that may apply to your specific case. Whether you were involved in a serious car accident or a victim of medical malpractice , there are a variety of laws that pertain to each scenario. Statute of Limitations Alaska law provides the injured party two years after the accident to file a lawsuit ...
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