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Blog Posts in December, 2017

  • Aviation Accidents: How To Determine Cause

    With more and more people flying each year, the risk of passengers being involved in an aviation accident increases too. Although traveling by air is generally considered to be a safe means of transportation, when aviation accidents occur they can result in severe injuries and fatalities. In fact, accidents involving private aircrafts happen more frequently than most people realize. The federal ...
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  • What Happens If Passengers are Injured While Riding In a Vehicle?

    Car accidents can be devastating. There are many different types of injuries that a person can experience in an accident. From bruising to whiplash to more severe injuries like broken bones and head trauma, the damage caused by car accidents can change a person’s life forever. Accidents don’t just affect the drivers involved, they also affect passengers too. Passengers who are injured in an ...
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  • Who Can I Sue for Medical Malpractice?

    If you sustained injuries while in the care of healthcare professionals, you might be able to pursue compensation by filing a medical malpractice case. However, it is possible for multiple individuals, or even for a hospital facility, to be held liable for your injuries. As such, it is important to understand who you can sue based on the circumstances of your case. Suing a Hospital Facility When ...
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  • How Do I Fight an Insurance Claim that has Been Denied?

    When insurers deny your claim for an accident, injury, or medical treatment, it can leave you feeling helpless and vulnerable. Most people are unsure about their options when they have a claim denied. However, there are many ways to fight back if you have a denied insurance claim . In this blog, we explain what you should do when your claim winds up being denied by an insurer. If your insurance ...
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