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Common Causes of Maritime Accidents

Common Causes of Maritime Accidents

Conditions on the water can change quickly, and calm water can quickly become rough. Whether you were on the water for work, travel, or recreation, a maritime accident can cause severe injuries. These types of accidents can occur on lakes, rivers, and the ocean, and any watercraft may be involved. The causes of these accidents can vary widely, but here are a few of the most common causes.

Unsafe Waters & Bad Weather

Poor weather conditions can turn a voyage into a risky endeavor. Even well-traveled waterways can become dangerous in bad weather, and it is easy for sailors to lose control of their vessel. Water can also be unsafe for other reasons. Shallows, rocks, rapids, and ice can increase the chances of an accident.


Many recreational sailors, kayakers, jet-skiers, and others may lack the experience to handle a dangerous situation appropriately. It can be easy to get into situations that are above your skill level, but doing so can result in an accident.


If you are planning to drink alcohol, you shouldn’t be on the water. Intoxication and watercraft can be a deadly pairing since alcohol decreases your ability to judge and react to hazards.

Carelessness & Lack of Focus

It can be easy to get distracted while on the water, but it is important to always be aware of your craft and surroundings. It isn’t uncommon for risks and shortcuts to be taken by experienced sailors as well, out of carelessness or laziness.

Equipment Failure

Commercial and pleasure vessels can experience equipment failures and malfunctions. Heavy machinery, safety equipment, and even navigation and control systems can cause severe injuries if they fail.

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