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Failure to Diagnose Lawsuit in Anchorage, AK

When a Serious Medical Condition Isn’t Diagnosed

When we visit the doctor’s office after suffering an injury or feeling ill, we trust that they will properly diagnose the issue and determine the right treatment to help us make a full recovery. If a healthcare provider fails to diagnose a medical condition, serious problems can occur. Unfortunately, time is of the essence for serious medical conditions such as:

  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Obstructions

Hours, days, weeks, and months without proper treatment could mean the difference between recovery and further injury—or potentially death.

If you or a loved one suffered further injury or illness after a doctor failed to diagnose a medical condition, The Law Offices of David Henderson can file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the negligent doctor or healthcare provider on your behalf.

With more than 20 years of legal experience, I understand what it takes to help you recover financial compensation to make the best possible recovery from injury.

Providing a Doctor’s Failure to Diagnose

Failure to diagnose is a type of medical malpractice in which a doctor fails to properly determine the nature of a patient’s medical condition. To sue a doctor for failure to diagnose, you must show that he/she was negligent in failing to diagnose your issue and that his/her negligence resulted in your injury.

You need to show the following to prove your doctor failed to diagnose your health issue:

  • If the doctor properly diagnosed your medical condition, you would not have suffered your current harm or as serious of an injury.
  • The doctor acted in a negligent manner by either failing to ask you specific questions, forgetting to send your blood test to the lab, giving an incorrect name for your illness, or otherwise doing something that a similar doctor with the same experience would never have done.

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