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Burn Injuries

Anchorage Burn Injury Lawyers

Comprehensive Burn Injury Representation in Alaska

Burn injuries are typically severe and painful, affecting an individual inside and out. Not only do they require significant medical treatment, but also psychological help as well. Burns can be the direct result of a personal injury, which means that the victim can hold another party responsible for the pain and suffering endured.

At The Law Offices of David Henderson, we are committed to helping burn victims recover their entitled compensation. With nearly two decades of experience, our Anchorage personal injury lawyer possesses the extensive knowledge of Alaska laws and court proceedings to help you navigate through any potential complications of your case.

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Burn Injury Classifications

Burn injuries can affect other bodily functions besides the skin, such as muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, and even the respiratory system. Burns can also impair the body’s normal temperature, thermal regulation, fluid balance, manual dexterity, joint function and physical appearance.

They are classified by the method the burn had occurred and the degree of the burn itself. First-degree burns affect only the first layer of the skin, while second degree burns penetrate more skin layers. Third-degree burns injure all of the skin layers, as well as the tissue underneath. Fourth-degree burns penetrate all of skin layers and injure the muscle, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, and bones. Third and fourth-degree burns require medical treatment.

The following are the common types of burns:

  • Heat burns
  • Cold temperature burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Electric burns
  • Friction burns
  • Radiation burns

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If you suffered a burn injury due to the negligent actions of another party, our Anchorage personal injury attorney can investigate the accident and gather evidence necessary to build a strong and personalized legal strategy to recover monetary compensation. Let us help you pursue the justice you deserve.

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