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4 Tips for Taking Pictures after a Car Accident


When it comes to auto accident cases, having the right amount of evidence can determine whether or not a person wins or losses. Photographs are considered one of the most crucial pieces of evidence since they document the scene of the accident right after it occurred.

Having photographic evidence which paints a clear picture of the incident, including the injuries involved, can ensure the recovery of monetary damages with the legal assistance of a qualified personal injury lawyer. Now that our cell phones are readily equipped with cameras, you can take pictures at any time.

The following are four tips for taking photos after a car accident:

  • Look for any injuries. Before getting out of the vehicle and documenting the accident, check yourself and your passengers for any severe injuries that need immediate medical treatment.
  • Take as many photographs as possible. If memory permits, do not limit how many pictures you take. Ensure that you document both cars inside and out, as well as the injuries suffered, road and weather conditions, street signs and stoplights, and witnesses.
  • Shoot from different angles. People tend to take a picture of one thing then move on to the next. Instead, take multiple photographs of the same thing from various angles. Perhaps, when you go back and look at the photos at a later time, you may notice something you didn’t the first time around.
  • Document the progress of any injuries. In addition to taking pictures of any injuries caused in the accident, it is imperative to record the recovery process in order to demonstrate the extent and severity of the injuries.

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