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Why You Need to Call a Doctor After Your Accident


If someone else caused your accident, there’s only one person you need to call—and it’s not an Anchorage personal lawyer. It’s your doctor. “Obviously,” you’re saying to your computer screen. “I was injured, so I went to the ER.” We don’t just mean treatment for immediate injuries, though. Our firm recommends that you set up appointments with every specialist you need to get healthy again.

  • Have back pain? Call a chiropractor.
  • Dealing with PTSD from the crash? Contact a PTSD counselor.
  • Did you badly hurt your knee? Seriously consider calling a physical therapist.

The idea is to do what the law calls “mitigating your damages.” In order to prove that your damages were truly from the accident, the law requires that injured people do everything they can to recover from their injuries. This accomplishes two things: one, it shows that you have genuine injuries. Your effort demonstrates your claim’s sincerity and shows that your current or future damages were not caused by a lack of medical care.

Two, pursuing medical care as much and as quickly as possible creates an accurate medical record. Each specialist will have documentation of the nature and extent of your injuries, equipping you with powerful evidence to back your claim. Make sure you keep your medical receipts as well—valid claims are able to pursue damages for past and future medical care.

The Most Important Reason to Get Medical Care

Ultimately, the law is asking you to act in your best interest. You should be pursuing medical care whether or not you plan on suing negligent parties—it just so happens that getting the best available care strengthens your body and your case.

Most importantly, getting medical care is genuinely beneficial for you. The sooner you treat soft tissue injuries, concussions, or nerve damage, the more likely you are to completely recover. Seriously consider how much you want a mobile and pain-free life, no matter the cost.

Once you’ve scheduled appointments with medical specialists, call the Law Offices of David Henderson. Our firm is happy to help you fight for compensation while you focus on getting better—call (888) 295-6566 for a free case evaluation.