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How Do I Deal with the Other Party’s Insurance Company?


Injured people have a lot to consider. Their own health comes first, obviously, but they also have to consider contacting their own insurance company to file a claim, juggling appointments between different doctors, and continuing with daily life as best as they can. In the middle of all this, those who have been injured by another’s negligence have something else to consider—defending themselves against the other party’s insurance provider.

The safest way to handle the other party’s insurance adjuster? Call a lawyer.

Our Anchorage personal injury attorney has personally dealt with hundreds of insurance adjusters on behalf of his clients. As your advocates and representatives, we don’t just fight for you in court—we fight for you in any negotiation or interaction involving your case. If an insurer, either your own or a third party’s, calls you about your claim, we can defend your case from any line of questioning.

Our attorney has the experience to:

  • Ensure that only relevant medical records are made relevant
  • Ensure that you do not accidentally or wrongfully admit fault
  • Negotiate for an insurance settlement that is appropriate for your injuries
  • Protect your privacy and your rights from adjusters who overreach with their questions

You have the right to refuse insurance companies certain information, but they won’t tell you that. They’ll simply ask and pressure you into complying. An experienced attorney at your side makes sure you won’t fall victim to unclear policies, implied penalties, or external pressure.

If you’re already getting calls from an insurance adjuster, calmly tell them that you would prefer not to answer questions until you have a lawyer. Above all, do not admit fault or provide any information other than the most basic facts—especially if they’re asking questions in order to hold you at fault.

In fact, once you tell an insurance adjuster that you have a legal representative, they are obligated to speak with us rather than with you directly. Our firm takes another thing off your plate, and you’re free to focus on recovery and moving forward. Having a lawyer may even help you secure a fairer settlement because insurers know they can’t low-ball a seasoned litigator.

Need a lawyer? Call (888) 295-6566 or contact us online to speak with the Law Offices of David Henderson. For nearly 20 years, we have protected injured Alaskans and secured their futures.