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Distracted Driving Car Accidents Not Involving Cell Phone Use


The term “distracted driving” is almost always linked to texting and driving or other cell phone use. However, there is an array of behaviors which can distract a driver and be just as hazardous as cell phone use.

Types of Distracted Driving

Although distracted driving is commonly associated with cell phone use behind the wheel, distractions can include any behavior that limits a person’s focus on the task of driving. Distractions are often categorized as manual, visual, or cognitive distractions, but a distraction can fall into all categories if it is significantly distracting.

There is a multitude of behaviors that can be considered distracted driving. The following behaviors are all examples of distracted driving:

  • Eating and drinking
  • Applying makeup
  • Talking to passengers
  • Controlling the radio, air conditioner, etc.

Penalties for Other Types of Distracted Driving

Most state laws concerning distracted driving are focused on cell phone use. It is rare for a law to explicitly prohibit or penalize other forms of distracted driving. Often, other types of distracted driving may result in a reckless driving charge or other penalty but are not considered a primary offense like cell phone use.

In Alaska, texting and driving is considered a primary offense under state law. Therefore, residents can be pulled over and penalized just for texting and driving. A person who is charged with texting and driving could be imprisoned and/or fined. There are exceptions to the prohibitions on cell phone use while driving, which include allowances for the use of music and navigation apps. There are no laws specifically about distracted driving that does not involve cell phone use.

Car accident injury victims who were harmed because of a distracted driver may be entitled to compensation. The Law Offices of David Henderson represents people who have been injured by the negligence of others. If you were injured in a car accident or another incident, contact the firm to discuss your case.

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