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Why Are Truck Accidents So Complicated?


Tractor trailers and semi-trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles out on the roads, routinely killing around 4,000 people in accidents each year. Although trucks cause catastrophic injuries at a higher rate than other vehicles, however, it can often be difficult for injury victims to secure fair compensation from truck drivers and truck carrier companies, as these claims are complex.

If a negligent truck driver caused you to sustain life-altering injuries, I can help you fight back and get the recovery you deserve. With over 20 years of experience and a deep dedication to my clients, I’ll create a personalized case strategy to maximize your compensation after a truck accident.

Why Are Truck Accidents So Complex?

Trucks are classified as Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs), which means that truck drivers must carry a valid CMV license and take special classes before ever hopping behind the wheel. Unfortunately, even certified truck drivers have been known to act in a negligent manner, from road aggression to driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

However, even when truck drivers have obviously been negligent, it is rarely a simple matter to file a lawsuit against the driver. This is because drivers are often employed by much larger carrier companies – companies which may share some of the legal liability for your accident injuries. Even if a truck driver is a small business owner who is officially listed as an “independent contractor,” the carrier company may still share some responsibility under the doctrine of logo liability.

Here are a few other reasons truck accident claims can be complicated:

  • Multiple parties: Whenever you have multiple parties involved in a vehicle accident, it has the potential to become a lot more difficult for the plaintiff. This is because insurance claims adjusters will need to determine who is liable for injuries, and with more parties involved, the investigation process can stretch for months at a time. This often applies to truck accidents, where the carrier company, the truck driver, other passenger car drivers, and their insurance adjusters may be involved.
  • Specific truck industry regulations: Although all drivers are subject to heavy road regulations, truck drivers also have unique requirements and rules to follow. For example, truck drivers are required to take mandatory breaks and keep meticulous travel logs – and failure to do so can indicate fault for the accident. That means that your attorney will need to be well-acquainted with truck regulations in order to prove your claim.
  • Catastrophic injuries: If you were a passenger car driver who suffered injuries in a truck accident, they will most likely be extremely severe. From full-body paralysis to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), the sheer weight of a modern tractor trailer can leave you with exorbitant medical costs.

On Your Side in a Crisis

When you walk through the doors at the Law Offices of David Henderson, you’ll see the difference in how I approach my legal practice. As an award-winning attorney with experience as a public defender, I’m ready to help you fight back when you’ve been seriously harmed in a truck collision. During your free case evaluation, I’ll review your claim and help you determine the best course of action. From representing your needs with insurance adjusters to presenting a case at trial, I’m always willing to take on a legal challenge for my clients.

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