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Why You Should See a Doctor After a Car Accident


If you are injured in an auto accident, you need to seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible. But even if you are involved in a relatively minor fender bender, it is wise to still visit a doctor. Not only does failing to seek medical care affect your health, but it can also impact your legal rights to receive financial compensation. 

The following are a few reasons why you should see a doctor after a car accident: 

  • Understand the full extent of your injury – When a crash occurs, adrenaline and other stress hormones are automatically released in our bodies, masking injury symptoms for hours or even days after the incident. Sometimes, the symptoms of certain injuries may not appear for weeks or even months. A doctor can identify all external and internal injuries from a collision and determine the proper treatment to make the best possible recovery. 

  • Potential claim denial – Most insurance companies believe 72 hours is enough time after an accident to seek medical attention. When you visit a doctor, such action will show your insurer that your injury is legitimate, and you are taking proactive steps toward recovery. If you fail to see a doctor within the 72-hour timeframe, your insurance carrier may think that your injuries are not so serious. If you start feeling pain or symptoms days or weeks later and you finally seek medical care, your insurer may potentially deny your claim. 

  • Obtain evidence for your claim – If you plan to hold a negligent driver accountable for causing an auto accident and your injuries and have the insurer pay for medical expenses, you must gather all medical records documenting your physical injuries and the medical treatments you were given after the crash. Essentially, your medical records help prove the amount of compensation you deserve to recover from injury. 

When you schedule a medical appointment, be sure to mention that you were recently involved in a collision. Most doctors’ offices will prioritize your visit following an accident. 

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