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Motor Vehicle Accidents Caused by Wildlife

Motor Vehicle Accidents Caused by Wildlife

Depending on which roads you might be traveling, encountering wildlife is not an uncommon occurrence. While paying attention to the road can oftentimes help drivers avoid colliding with animals that wander on the road, there are some cases where wildlife might suddenly come out of nowhere and are near impossible to avoid.

If you were involved in a car crash in Alaska involving wildlife, you might be covered for some of the damages you suffered under your car insurance policy if you have comprehensive coverage. That said, you should also consider seeking legal advice to explore all of your options for obtaining fair compensation.

Can a Person be Liable?

In most cases, your insurance will compensate you for your injuries and property damage. However, if the wild animal belonged to a person or an entity that was keeping the animal on the premises, such as an exotic animal collector, and the animal wandered off and onto the road, the owner might be responsible for the damage or harm the animal caused.

Know Your Rights

Of course, generally, these accidents are caused by wildlife that does not belong to a person or entity. It is possible that you might still have a personal injury claim if there were other factors involved. For example, if your brakes failed to react properly to avoid crashing into the animal, this could have contributed to the accident and you could hold the car manufacturer liable.

Regardless of the circumstances that surround your case, it is important to get legal advice before you make any final decisions. An attorney will be able to protect your rights and assist you in negotiating with your insurance company if they are being unreasonable.

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in Alaska

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