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Making Safety Your New Year's Resolution


When reflecting on your New Years’ resolutions, implementing safety into your goals could have a major positive impact. Implementing safety in your lifestyle does not mean you can no longer have fun. Our Anchorage personal injury law firm strongly believes that putting your safety and the safety of people around you first doesn’t have to come at a price. If you love playing party host, these tips can ensure that your 2017 stays a safe year.

As a party host, your New Years’ resolutions should be:

  • Naming a DD – Taking on the responsibility of overseeing the safety of your guests starts with ensuring that all drinkers have a designated driver. Whether the DD is going to be you, another guest, or a service like Uber, make sure there is a safe way home for each guest.
  • Providing Non-Alcoholic Options – Whenever you have a party, make sure to provide plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives. That way your designated drivers will have something to drink, and even your drinkers can take breaks by drinking something else.
  • Stop Serving after a While – If it’s getting late in the night and you know the party will be finishing in an hour or two, it could be time to put the rest of the booze away. Let your guests sober up for a bit before they leave.
  • Don’t Let Someone Drive Home Drunk – A situation might arise where one of your friends or family members might try to drive home drunk, even after you took all the above precautions. If this happens, don’t let them drive home drunk. It might seem like you are too controlling or a Debbie-downer for your party, but keeping your guests safe is a huge responsibility (one that doesn’t always get gratitude).

For more safety tips or if you need a personal injury attorney, contact The Law Offices of David Henderson.