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How to Take Photos of a Car Crash

There are many steps one should take in the aftermath of a car accident and photographing the scene is one of the most important. Of course, the pictures you take will only be useful in your case if you effectively capture the details that are pertinent to your case, so it is crucial to know how to best document the scene. Continue reading for some helpful tips.

Photographing the Aftermath of an Accident

By taking pictures in the immediate aftermath of an accident, you are preserving some of the most essential pieces of evidence in your case. Memories can fade with time, but a picture lasts forever and it is often very difficult to dispute what is plain to see.

Here are some tips on how to take these pictures:

  • Take pictures of all the vehicles involved and the damage they sustained. Even if some of the dents seem minor, these small details create a big picture.
  • If there are any skid marks on the road, take pictures of these as well. You should also take pictures of the surrounding area and any damage that might have been caused by the accident.
  • Inclement weather can sometimes contribute to accidents, so if this was a factor, make sure you capture this in your photos as well.
  • Take pictures of any shattered glass, vehicle parts, or other debris that may have fallen on the road.
  • If you or anyone else was injured, take pictures of these as well, assuming you have the consent of those involved. If you were injured, document their progress as time goes.

Most of us have cell phones that have the ability to take countless photos, so make sure to take a variety of shots from different distances and angles. You may not use all of them, but it is better to take as many as you can after the accident and decide what is unnecessary later on.

Lastly, while taking pictures, always keep safety in mind. None of the pictures you take are worth risking your wellbeing.

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