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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer to File a Claim?


After an accident, you may find it necessary to file a claim for compensation. After all, you are entitled to receive payment to cover the damages you’ve sustained from the accident, including your medical costs, pain and suffering, and even lost wages. While you can file a claim on your own, from a legal standpoint, you may wish to hear why this isn’t always the best course of action. Here are some of the reasons you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney to assist with your claim.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Strictly speaking, no. You are not legally required to hire a personal injury lawyer to file an injury claim after an accident. Though if you wish to increase the chances of your case prevailing and maximize the compensation you receive, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. There are many reasons why an attorney can be beneficial to your case, since they are there to fight for your interests.

Attorneys Have Experience & Insight

If you’ve never been injured in an accident before, it is likely that you have little to no experience with personal injury law. Your lawyer, on the other hand, has spent many years studying this area of law, fighting for other injured clients, and gaining experience. It is even possible that you may find a lawyer who has even worked for insurance companies, and can provide valuable insight into “the other side” of your claim. It is always important to ask a potential attorney about their experience before agreeing to hire them.

Lawyers Understand How Insurance Companies Work

While you can file your claim on your own, it is very likely that an insurance company will pick it apart until they find a reason to greatly reduce or even deny your claim. Even if your attorney hasn’t worked for insurance companies, they still should have a deep understanding of what makes a strong claim, know how to gather evidence, have the ability to draft a comprehensive demand letter, and even prepare for and represent you in court.

Additionally, your lawyer can help you navigate the process of dealing with insurance companies. This included filing your actual claim, handling communication with them, negotiating for a satisfactory settlement, and more. It can be easy to harm your claim in a few words, so having someone at your side who can speak for you and protect your claim is valuable.

Insurance Companies Cooperate Better with Attorneys

As frustrating as it can be—insurance companies are working hard to minimize their costs, and that includes the need to pay out on your claim. If they can find a way to deny your claim or even reduce the amount they have to pay, most companies will try to do so. One way they may do this is by keeping you jumping through hoops and running in circles to get a straight answer. This can be disheartening, and may even cause you to want to give up on your claim.

When a lawyer is involved, insurance companies are often far more attentive and willing to work with you. Why? An injured plaintiff with legal representation is an injured plaintiff who has a strong advocate. Insurance companies want to avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of litigation, and if they feel that there is the threat of court, the company is generally much more willing to negotiate for a settlement. This means you may not get as much as you would in court, but your expenses will be lower, you’ll avoid the stress of court, and the insurance company will pay less for your claim overall than if they were forced to go to court.

Your Lawyer Can Help You Understand Your Case

It takes a great amount of skill and knowledge to successfully file and settle a personal injury claim. If you don’t understand your legal options or what is happening in your case, you are at a disadvantage. Your attorney can represent you and interact with the insurance company on your behalf, but they also can explain what is happening to you, what your best options are, and keep you informed of your case’s progress.

Your lawyer should also be able to help you find the value of your claim and determine whether a settlement offer is a fair one. If you don’t have these crucial pieces of information, you may not receive the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses and other costs pertaining to the accident.

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